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We all crave the feeling of wellness. We all want to feel good. This is my priority for you.

I've created a complete home workout & wellness studio where you can increase your energy and vitality, sculpt and strengthen your body, move with more ease, improve your mindset and lighten your spirit.

Here, resistance training, cardio, yoga inspired stretch, mobility and recovery all work in harmony. Join my live or prerecorded classes or work one-on-one with me for tailored lifestyle solutions. You will feel so good.

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February 2021

Start your week with a circuit style, energizing full body pump combining cardio, light resistance & a sprinkle of yoga moves. The Monday Mix will having you moving & sweating through varied work & rest intervals. Workout Duration: 37 Mins. (Approx. 45 MINS, Incl. Warmup/Mobility & Cooldown/Stretch)

This lower body resistance training circuit will sculpt your legs & glutes while building strength & endurance. Top it off with a short burst of HIIT. 40 Min. Incl. Warmup/Mobility & Cooldown/Stretch

This resistance based circuit will shape & strengthen your entire upper body, support shoulder health and develop core strength. Finish with a short burst of HIIT. 40 Min. Incl. Warmup/Mobility & Cooldown/Stretch

Take the next 45 min. to recharge & restore with an active recovery. Ease into postures & slow dynamic stretches to release tension in the body & relax the mind and muscles. We move gently through all major joints & muscles, without strain, while developing mindful breathing.

Complete the week with this fun & invigorating Interval Challenge. A fusion of cardio, strength and bodyweight. We move through 5 rounds of varied intervals & rest periods.
18.30 Min. Total work and rest periods. We start with a warmup & finish with a cooldown & stretch.

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I can help you get to how you want to feel.
With tailored options, based on YOUR life, we will address any obstacles and we will make the best of your time and effort, to meet your goals and surpass any perceived limitations.

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